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Number Coins (Math Full Set)

RM 135.00

Get your lil’ one to start counting with these wooden number coins, handmade in Indonesia. It makes learning fun and we believe your lil’ one will enjoy play-based learning. Activity sheets will provided in a form of soft copy to help parents with home- teaching.


- Each set contains 171 coins, which includes:

- 5 pieces each for number "0" to "9"

- 1 piece  for number "10”  to "100"

- 3 pieces each for Mathematic Operational Symbols (+ – x ÷ = < . , : $)

- Size: 2.8cm – 3 cm in diameter, 0.5cm thickness. Made of pine wood

- Activity sheets  will be provided in a form of soft copy via email.

- Disclaimer: Please expect a slight difference in size as all these coins are handmade. Storage box, 100 board are not included in the set. For illustration purpose only.

By Playcorner