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Phonics Play & Learn at home learning Programme

RM 120.00

Not sure how to incorporate the alphabet coins in your home teaching? Subscribe to this home learning programme by Discover) x The Playlab Shop.

Your little one get to learn the names, sounds and formation of each letter of the alphabet.
They also learn to identify the beginning sounds of a word using their listening skills by end of the programme.


- By subscribing to the RM160 package, you get 6 videos, 4 laminated worksheets and 52 alphabet coins (26 Capital letter and 26 small letter)

Videos in the course:
Video 1: Sounds and Formation of Uppercase and Lowercase Letters A – M
Video 2: Sounds and Formation of Uppercase and Lowercase Letters N – Z
Video 3: Activity 1: Animal Phonics (Letters A – G)
Video 4: Activity 2: Find it, Write it, Draw it
Video 5: Activity 3: Roll, Move, Sound
Video 6: Activity 4: Find the Missing Letters

- Otherwise, you can choose to purchase video only or video+worksheets if you have already had the alphabet coins.

By Discover x The Playlab shop