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Giraffe on wheel

RM 205.00

Toys with wheels have always been loved among kids because there is a motion that is always interesting! Giraffe is handcrafted toy which will entertain your toddler when they make their first steps. It will become your child's best friend!


-Made from maple and beech wood, impregnate with linseed oil and beeswax.

- Sizes: height 26 cm, length 16 cm, width 11 cm.

- Product care: The toy can be rolled along the street in dry weather. You can wipe it with a slightly damp cloth from the dirt, and then wipe it with a cloth impregnated with food grade linseed oil, leave it overnight, and in the morning the toy is ready for the new trips. If the dirt is strong or there are scratches, then you can use fine sand paper, which is sold in major DIY shops, sand the necessary places manually, then impregnate with linseed oil and allow oil to soak and dry.
- Disclaimer: Due to the natural uniqueness  of the wood which they use, the shade of the product that you ordered may be different from the photos on our website.

By Tateplota