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Storgeinc water bottle- Mermaid

RM 119.00

Each bottle comes with:
1 Bottle
1 Spout Lid
1 Straw Lid
1 Suction Nozzle
1 Strap
2 Inner straws

Introducing Storge's Water Bottle: Combining Durability and Vibrant Printing!

At Storge, we understand the importance of providing children with a reliable and fun hydration solution. That's why we are thrilled to present our new Children's Water Bottle, designed to keep your little ones hydrated throughout the day while captivating their imagination with its high-quality printing.

Durability and Safety: Crafted from premium Tritan material, our water bottle is built to withstand the active lifestyle of children. Tritan is renowned for its exceptional durability, ensuring that the bottle can withstand accidental drops and rough handling. We prioritise the safety of your child, which is why our bottle is BPA-free, ensuring that no harmful chemicals will leach into their drink.

Vibrant and Eye-Catching Printing: We know that children are drawn to vivid colours and captivating designs, so we have utilised state-of-the-art printing technology to create a visually stunning water bottle. Our high-quality printing process ensures that the colours stay vibrant and true, even after repeated use and washing. From our in. house design of zoo animals to enchanting elements, the designs on our water bottle will ignite your child's imagination and make hydration a joyful experience.

Perfect Size and Convenient Design: With a generous capacity of 520ml, our water bottle provides ample hydration for your child's daily activities, whether it's at school, the playground, or on family outings. The bottle's size is designed to fit comfortably in their hands and most standard straws, making it convenient to carry wherever they go. The secure flip-top lid ensures easy access to their drink also able avoid the risk of leaks or spills.

Easy to Clean: We understand that cleaning children's accessories should be hassle-free. Our Tritan Children's Water Bottle is soap-safe, allowing for quick and thorough cleaning. The smooth interior surface prevents residue buildup and ensures that no lingering odours affect the taste of their next drink. Newly improved design allows us to remove the base silicon so that it can be washed more throughly. 

Let them stay hydrated in style, and rest assured knowing that they are using a high-quality water bottle that will keep up with their active lifestyle. 

Make hydration a delightful experience for your little ones with our Storge Children's Water Bottle.

***Please do not use STEAM or UV sterilisers, or add boiling water into your bottles.